The Mystery of Pre-Columbian Transatlantic Voyages

The possibility of pre-Columbian transatlantic voyages challenges the traditional narrative of human history. This article delves into the controversial topic of Ancient Atlantean history and the similarities between American and European cultures, suggesting the possibility of transatlantic contact in the distant past.

The Similarities Between Old-World and American Cultures

The intricate similarities between the Peruvian and Egyptian cultures suggest a deeper connection that cannot be explained away as mere coincidence. Both cultures worshiped the sun, moon, and stars, had complex astronomical knowledge, practiced skull elongation, and divided the year into 12 months. They also had women’s orders of vestal virgins and built stone pyramids containing boulders too heavy for modern cranes to lift.

The Evidence of Ancient Symbols and Artifacts

The discovery of ancient symbols such as the cross and the swastika in the Americas before European arrival raises questions about the true origins of these symbols. Additionally, Olmec temples in ancient Mexico contain Egyptian hieroglyphs such as the akeru back-to-back lion gods. Mayan art and glyphs have also been found in Egypt, suggesting possible transatlantic contact.

The Recognition of Ancestral Languages

Modern-day Americans and tribal Egyptians recognize the languages found in their countries as that of their ancestors and can read much of it, further supporting the idea of transatlantic contact. Ancient artwork depicting different races in Central America also suggests a deeper connection between American and European cultures.


The vast similarities between American and European cultures challenge the traditional narrative of human history and suggest the possibility of pre-Columbian transatlantic voyages. The use of advanced masonry and architecture, metallurgy, agriculture, navigation, large sailing vessels, pottery, glasswork, and music on both sides of the Atlantic indicates a shared knowledge base that cannot be explained away as mere coincidence. The truth about the history of human civilization may be far more complex than we have been led to believe.

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