Intelligent Design vs Evolution: The Truth About Life’s Origins

Have you ever wondered how everything around us, including ourselves, came into being? The mainstream scientific-materialist-atheist worldview propagated by NASA, the mainstream media, and the public education system suggests that everything exists because of a massive explosion that occurred billions of years ago. This explosion created everything, including life, consciousness, and intelligence, out of nothing. However, Eric Dubay challenges this narrative in his video titled ‘Evolution is a Masonic Lie Hiding Intelligent Design.’

Dubay argues that evolution is a lie propagated by the Masonic order to hide the truth about intelligent design. He believes that the creation of the universe and life on earth is not random but is part of a grand design, created by a higher intelligence. Dubay claims that the Masonic order has deliberately twisted the true history of humanity to mislead people into thinking that the universe came into existence through a random process, without any purpose or meaning.

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

In his video, Dubay explains that single-celled organisms did not magically appear out of nowhere, as suggested by the theory of evolution. Instead, he suggests that these organisms were created by an intelligent designer who had a purpose for their existence. Dubay believes that the universe is full of life and consciousness and that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the universe.

According to Dubay, the theory of evolution is flawed because it assumes that life on Earth evolved through random mutations and natural selection. He argues that the complexity of life and the universe points to the existence of an intelligent designer, who created life with a purpose. Dubay suggests that we should embrace the idea of intelligent design and accept that there is a higher purpose to our existence.

Challenging the Mainstream Narrative

In conclusion, Eric Dubay’s video challenges the mainstream narrative about the creation of the universe and life on Earth. He argues that evolution is a Masonic lie created to hide the truth about intelligent design. Dubay suggests that we should question the narrative that we have been taught and open our minds to the possibility of an intelligent designer. He believes that this is the only way to truly understand the purpose of our existence and the grand design of the universe.

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