Astro-Theology: Unveiling its Link to Major Religions

Understanding Astro-Theology and its Suppression

Astro-Theology, the lesser-known study of the correlation between celestial bodies and various cultures’ deities, has been intentionally concealed from mainstream awareness. This discipline delves deep into mythologies and traditions that revolve around the influence of stars and planets on human consciousness.

Michael Tsarion suggests that Astro-Theology’s deliberate suppression is not a mere coincidence, as a single interbreeding tribe has controlled the world for millennia, using religion as a tool to maintain power.

The Inner and Outer Levels of Major Religions

Religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam each possess inner and outer knowledge levels. The inner level is reserved for a select few initiated into the secrets of ancient mystery schools originating in Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt. These secrets involve the bloodline, which has been used to exert power and control over the masses.

The outer knowledge level is where secrets are concealed in code and allegory, then presented as truth to the masses through the help of deities. For instance, the Gospel stories in the New Testament are based on initiation ceremonies and esoteric secrets communicated within the mystery schools. However, these stories are portrayed as literal truths, deceiving the public.

Pre-Christian Gods and the Jesus Christ Connection

The narrative of a Son of God dying for humanity had been told worldwide thousands of years before Christianity. Remarkably, 15 pre-Christian gods share traits and stories similar to those of Jesus Christ. Krishna, for example, was born of a virgin with a star in the East signaling his arrival. He was a teacher, healer, and miracle worker, and was crucified between two thieves before being resurrected.

Similarly, the god Attis was born of a virgin on December 25th, martyred on a crucifix, died for three days, and then resurrected. Mithra, a Persian god, was also born of a virgin on December 25th, traveled with 12 disciples, performed miracles, died for three days, and was resurrected.

Mithraism and Christianity’s Overlapping Traits

Christianity shares numerous similarities with Mithraism, a widespread religion during the Roman Empire. The Mithraic high priest’s title, Pater Patrum, evolved into the Bishop of Rome’s title, Papa, or Pope. The Vatican Hill in Rome, now the seat of the Catholic Church, was once a cave temple dedicated to Mithra. It is thought that Christianity’s early leaders attributed the striking resemblances between Mithraism and Christianity to the devil’s work.

Uncovering the Truth Behind Astro-Theology

Astro-Theology holds many hidden secrets deliberately kept from the masses. Major religions wield religion as a power-maintaining tool by concealing secrets behind allegedly ‘literal’ stories. The pre-Christian gods’ narratives and their parallels with Jesus Christ further support the theory of Astro-Theology’s intentional suppression. Studying Astro-Theology may be the key to uncovering deeper truths behind major religions and understanding our world’s origins.

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