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Exploring Entheogenic Plants and Consciousness

The Fascination with Altered States of Consciousness Altered states of consciousness have captivated humans since the beginning of time. Numerous ancient civilizations possessed intimate knowledge of entheogenic plants, which they believed held spiritual and healing properties. Eric Dubay, a renowned researcher and truth seeker, illuminates this topic in a recent video.

The Mystery of Morphogenetic Resonance Unveiled

Marveling at Nature’s Unique and Semi-Unique Forms The natural world is brimming with unique and semi-unique forms that defy explanation by conventional Western science. Each form in nature exhibits semi-unique traits that set it apart from others. For instance, each oak tree possesses distinct features that typify it as an oak, yet no two oak […]

The Holographic Nature of Reality

Understanding the Cosmic Holographic Theory: An Introductory Insight The intricate web of reality that we inhabit is indeed fascinating. One such captivating theory that throws light on our understanding of the universe is the holographic nature of reality. This proposition, as stated by Eric Dubay, puts forth a radical notion: every entity in the universe […]