The Moon Landing

Eric Dubay: Debunking Apollo 11’s Lunar Lander

Introduction to Eric Dubay’s Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Analysis

Truth-seeker and blogger Eric Dubay presents a compelling case questioning the authenticity of the lunar lander used in NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. In his eye-opening video, Dubay asserts that the lunar lander was nothing more than an elaborate hoax, shedding light on potential inconsistencies in NASA’s official narrative.

The Alleged Lunar Lander: A High School Art Project?

According to Dubay’s video, the lunar lander was constructed using materials like cardboard, construction paper, curtain rods, gold tape, and foil. He suggests that recreating this “contraption” would be a simple task for an average high school art class. However, NASA spokesperson Don Pettit insists that even with their multi-billion-dollar yearly budget, they are unable to reproduce the lunar lander technology today.

The Disappearance of the Original Lunar Landers

Dubay raises the question of why NASA would destroy the original Apollo lunar landers after landing men on the moon, only to make it impossible to replicate them even after five decades. Could it be an attempt to prevent future generations from seeing these “laughable” 1960s attempts at high-tech space vehicles in museums?

Assessing the Craftsmanship of the Lunar Lander

In the video, Dubay scrutinizes the quality of the lunar lander’s construction, highlighting the flimsy, haphazard materials and methods used. He criticizes the thin paneling on the craft and demonstrates how easy it would have been to puncture the outer skin. Ultimately, Dubay concludes that the lunar lander was an overpriced piece of junk, incapable of landing on the moon.

Confronting the Official Apollo 11 Narrative

Eric Dubay’s video and analysis suggest that the lunar lander used during the Apollo 11 mission was a fake and that NASA has been deceiving the public about the moon landing for over 50 years. His perspective raises crucial questions about the authenticity of NASA’s claims and invites viewers to challenge the official narrative.

Watch Eric Dubay’s Video and Form Your Own Opinion

We strongly encourage you to watch Eric Dubay’s video to gain a deeper understanding of the arguments presented regarding the Apollo 11 lunar lander. By doing so, you can form your own opinion on this controversial topic and decide for yourself whether or not you believe NASA’s official narrative.

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