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Debating Newton: Breach’s Flat Earth Arguments

Eric Dubay’s Mission to Preserve Flat Earth Knowledge

As interest in the Flat Earth community surges, many are discovering the plethora of research supporting the Flat Earth model from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Eric Dubay, a prominent Flat Earth researcher and author, has taken it upon himself to preserve and disseminate this knowledge through accessible audiobooks and PDF downloads.

Ebenezer Breach’s Critique of Newtonian Physics

Today, we explore Ebenezer Breach’s 1898 booklet “20 Reasons Against Newtonianism,” which offers a critical examination of Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and principles of gravitation—the foundation of modern physics. Breach’s arguments challenge mainstream scientific perspectives and provide persuasive evidence supporting the Flat Earth model as a viable alternative.

In his audiobook adaptation, Dubay emphasizes the main points of Breach’s booklet, offering a thorough overview of the 20 reasons why Newtonianism might not be the complete truth. From questioning the existence of gravity to highlighting inconsistencies in the laws of motion, Breach’s arguments are both thought-provoking and eye-opening.

Debates and Discussions in the Scientific Community

It’s crucial to acknowledge that Breach’s work has faced criticism from many scientists who argue that his arguments rely on flawed logic and incomplete information. However, the Flat Earth community contends that considering alternative viewpoints and challenging the mainstream scientific narrative is essential.

The Value of Ebenezer Breach’s Work in the Flat Earth Movement

Eric Dubay’s audiobook release of Ebenezer Breach’s “20 Reasons Against Newtonianism” is a valuable addition to the growing body of Flat Earth literature. Whether you’re a long-time believer or a curious skeptic, this audiobook is bound to ignite lively debates and offer valuable insights into the Flat Earth model.

Discover Breach’s Arguments and More in Dubay’s Audiobook Series

Eric Dubay’s dedication to preserving Flat Earth knowledge has made it easier than ever to access and explore the works of past researchers. Breach’s critique of Newtonian physics is just one example of the thought-provoking and challenging ideas presented in Dubay’s audiobook series. Listen to the audiobook and dive into the fascinating world of alternative perspectives on our Earth’s shape and the universe surrounding us.

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