Awakening Music

That Stuff is Flat – By Pirate Mantra

As an awakened truth seeker, it is important to question the status quo and challenge the mainstream narratives that are often taken for granted. This is exactly what the song “That Stuff is Flat” does, as it challenges the widely accepted idea that the Earth is round.

The lyrics of the song highlight the idea that water naturally seeks and maintains its level, which is often used as evidence by flat Earth proponents to support their claims. The song also questions the concept of curvature, asking why it cannot be seen, and suggests that we do not know where we are.

The lyrics also bring up the United Nations and question why they care about our location. The song suggests that we are living in an upside-down world and calls for listeners to join in and declare that “that stuff is flat.”

As awakened truth seekers, we should always critically analyze and question the information that we are presented with, and “That Stuff is Flat” encourages this kind of critical thinking.

Overall, the song serves as a call to action for people to challenge mainstream beliefs and search for the truth, no matter how unpopular or controversial it may seem.

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