The Moon

Exposing NASA’s Moon Deception

Unmasking NASA’s Lies

Countless individuals believe that the Moon is a solid, spherical, Earth-like celestial body that humans have visited and even walked upon. However, this is nothing more than a fabrication perpetuated by NASA and modern astronomy. The truth about the Moon is much different than what we have been led to believe. It is not a solid object, but rather a largely transparent, self-luminescent entity that emits its own distinct light.

Sunlight vs. Moonlight: Differing Properties

Sunlight is characterized by its golden hue, warmth, and drying effect, while moonlight is silver in color, cool, and damp. Sunlight preserves and even coagulates organic materials, whereas moonlight causes them to putrefy and decay. The differences in temperature readings between sunlight and moonlight are further evidence of their unique properties. If the Moon were truly a reflector of sunlight, these differences would not exist.

The Moon as a Reflector: Debunking the Myth

NASA’s assertion that the Moon reflects sunlight is simply false. Reflective surfaces must be flat or concave for light rays to bounce off them. A convex surface, like the purported spherical shape of the Moon, would not reflect light in the way NASA claims. This discrepancy undermines the notion that the Moon is both a spherical body and a reflector of the Sun’s light.

The Moon’s Circular Shape: Evidence Against Spherical Nature

The Moon’s circular shape further disproves its supposed solidity and spherical nature. A solid celestial body would need to be spherical, yet the Moon appears circular, not spherical. This observation indicates that the Moon cannot be a planetoid like Earth and thus cannot be walked upon by humans.

Conclusion: Rejecting the Lies of NASA and Modern Astronomy

In conclusion, NASA and modern astronomy have misled the public about the Moon’s true nature. It is not a solid, spherical body that humans can visit, but rather a largely transparent, self-luminescent object with properties distinct from sunlight. The Moon’s circular shape also refutes the idea that it is an Earth-like planetoid. It is time for us to question the information we have been presented with and seek out the truth about the universe around us.

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