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The Truth About Giant Human Beings: Hidden from History

When it comes to the annals of human history, the concept of the existence of giant human beings is one that often invites skepticism and incredulity. However, Eric Dubay, a prominent figure in the field of alternative history, suggests that the existence of such beings is not merely the stuff of myth or legend, but a truth systematically concealed by those in power. This article delves into the compelling evidence supporting the existence of these colossal beings and unpacks the reasons behind the concerted efforts to suppress such knowledge.

The Dominant Narrative of Human History

Central to Dubay’s argument is the notion that mainstream history has embarked on a deliberate campaign to erase any mention or evidence of giant human beings from our collective narrative. In its place, a story of evolutionary progression has been woven, tracing our lineage from smaller primates to larger homo sapiens. This prevailing narrative, according to Dubay, serves more than an educational purpose; it acts as a tool of control and manipulation, designed to keep the masses ignorant of the full spectrum of human history.

Unearthed Truths in Ancient Texts and Legends

In his quest to piece together the obscured truth, Dubay delves into numerous ancient texts and mythologies. The Bible, for instance, speaks of the Nephilim, identified as the “sons of God,” who were reputed to be giants. In the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, we encounter entities like the Titans and the Cyclops, beings of colossal size and strength. Closer to home, Native American lore brims with stories of giants who inhabited the North American continent long before Europeans set foot on its shores.

The Suppressed Findings of Giant Skeletal Remains

To further substantiate his claims, Dubay brings attention to the discovery of giant skeletal remains, findings that have been downplayed or outright dismissed by mainstream historians. A case in point is the discovery of giant human skeletons in Lovelock Cave, Nevada, back in 1911. These skeletons, measuring well over seven feet tall and distinguished by red hair—a trait not typical of Native Americans—posed a serious challenge to the conventional narrative of human evolution.

The Strategic Suppression of Discoveries

Dubay asserts that the Lovelock Cave discovery is not an isolated incident. There are numerous other instances of giant human skeletons being unearthed across the globe, but their existence is regularly brushed under the carpet, discredited as hoaxes, or dismissed as misinterpretations. Dubay postulates that this widespread suppression is rooted in mainstream history’s commitment to a narrative of gradual evolution. This narrative is fundamentally incompatible with the existence of advanced civilizations or giant human beings, forcing the powers that be to go to great lengths to maintain the status quo

In Unmasking the Hidden, A Call to Action

In essence, the evidence pointing to the existence of giant human beings is far from scant. However, this evidence has been systematically hidden from public view by those who wield power over the dissemination of knowledge. Dubay’s exposition serves as more than an alternative history lesson; it is a clarion call to question the mainstream historical narrative and seek out the truth buried in our past.

It is incumbent upon us to challenge this dominant narrative and unmask the truth about our species’ hidden past. In doing so, we must confront the uncomfortable question: what else, apart from the existence of giant humans, has been meticulously concealed from our collective consciousness? To unravel the full, rich tapestry of human history, we must not shy away from these questions, but instead pursue the truth with unwavering determination, no matter how fantastic or improbable it may seem.

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