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The Poles

Earth’s Poles: Flat-Earther’s Insight

Introduction: A Different Perspective on Earth’s Poles For centuries, scientists have argued that the Earth is round, with two poles at the northern and southern extremities. However, Flat-Earth proponents have a different perspective. This article will explore the fascinating viewpoint of a Flat-Earther on the true story of Earth’s poles. For an immersive
The Poles

North Pole’s Magnetic Mountain

Introduction: Challenging the North Pole’s Depiction on Maps As a Flat Earth enthusiast, I’d like to share some intriguing information about the North Pole. For the past five centuries, the North Pole has been portrayed as an arbitrary point in a frozen tundra. However, this depiction is a deception perpetuated by the heliocentric globe model. […]

Dome in Antarctica Photo: Fact or Fiction?

Introduction Is it possible that a dome is visible in a photo taken by George Rayner in Antarctica around 1920? This intriguing image found on the internet has sparked curiosity and debate. In this expanded article, we will delve into the possible explanations for the mysterious pattern in the sky, the history behind the photograph, […]