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Biblical Foundation for a Flat Earth

The video titled “THE EARTH IS NOT A GLOBE! • A Biblical look. • Is the Bible a flat earth book?” provides a comprehensive examination of biblical passages and interpretations that some argue suggest a flat earth model. The content challenges conventional scientific understanding with a focus on scripture, aiming to uncover what the Bible allegedly says about the Earth’s shape.

Biblical Foundation for a Flat Earth

The video opens by asserting that a sincere and faithful study of the Bible reveals the Earth is not a globe but flat. Citing Proverbs 18:13, it emphasizes the importance of not jumping to conclusions without thorough investigation. The creators share their journey of shifting from a globe model to a flat earth perspective, motivated by their dedication to uncovering biblical truths.

Scriptural Evidence

The narrative highlights several biblical passages to support the flat earth theory:

  • Immovable Earth: Scriptures such as 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 93:1, and Psalm 104:5 are interpreted to suggest that the Earth is stable and immovable, contradicting the idea of a rotating and orbiting globe.
  • The Firmament: Genesis 1:6-8 describes a firmament separating waters above and below, with heavenly bodies set within this firmament, indicating a dome-like structure over a flat Earth.
  • The Earth’s Expanse: Job 38:18 is mentioned to question the breadth of the Earth, implying a wide, flat expanse rather than a spherical shape.

Interpretations and Implications

The video argues that various biblical descriptions—such as the tree in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 4:10-11) being visible from all the Earth and how every eye shall see Jesus upon his return (Revelation 1:7)—make more sense in a flat earth context. The depiction of stars falling to Earth in Revelation 6:13-14 and the heavens rolling back like a scroll are presented as imagery consistent with flat earth under a dome.

Challenging Globe Earth with Biblical Accounts

Significant attention is given to biblical accounts that are seen as challenging the globe model, such as Joshua’s command for the sun to stand still (Joshua 10:12-13) and Isaiah’s account of the sun’s shadow moving backward (Isaiah 38:8). These incidents are interpreted as evidence of the sun moving around the Earth, which is stationary, rather than the Earth orbiting the sun.

Call to Reevaluation

The video encourages viewers to reevaluate their understanding of the Earth’s shape through a biblical lens. It asserts that empirical evidence and careful examination of scriptural texts will lead honest seekers of truth to acknowledge a flat earth model. The presentation concludes with a proverb highlighting the virtue of humility in the pursuit of wisdom (Proverbs 11:2), suggesting that true understanding comes from acknowledging God’s creation as described in the Bible.


This video represents a fascinating intersection of faith, interpretation, and cosmology, inviting viewers to explore a biblical perspective on the Earth’s shape. Whether one agrees with the interpretations presented or not, it opens the door for further investigation and dialogue on the relationship between scientific understanding and scriptural teachings.

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