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Unveiling the Hidden Truth About Maps

As a flat earth blogger, my mission is to reveal the concealed reality of the world we live in. Recently, I stumbled upon an eye-opening video that exposes the ulterior motives behind modern map-making. This video highlights the ways maps are utilized for progress, but there’s more to the story than meets the eye. I highly recommend watching the video to grasp the full scope of this fascinating topic.

The Underlying Significance of Maps

The video begins with the account of a Vietnamese farmer who receives a title to his land parcel. The deed is a map, but what’s the significance of this? Aren’t maps simply tools for navigation? As it turns out, there’s more to maps than just that.

Maps and Progress: A Deeper Connection

The video explains how maps are essential for progress, including the construction of roads, shopping centers, homes, and entire towns. But why do we need maps for these endeavors? Is it possible that maps serve as a means of controlling people and their movements?

The United States Army: The World’s Leading Map Maker

The fact that the United States Army is the top map maker in the world raises concerns. With its topographic command stationed outside Washington DC, why is the army so invested in cartography? Could it be that maps are a tool for military control?

Aerial Photography: Mapping from Above

Aerial photography plays a crucial role in map-making, with cameras capturing incredibly fine details. But who is behind these photographs? Are maps a means for surveillance and espionage?

The Vital Role of Surveyors

Surveyors are required in the field to establish known points on the ground that can be identified in aerial images. But why do we need surveyors? Is it possible that maps are a tool for land control?

Field Classifiers: The Quest for Names

Field classifiers traverse countless miles to native villages and remote islands to learn the names of places and things. While this may seem innocuous, could it be that maps are a tool for cultural domination?

Conclusion: Maps, Control, and The Truth

In conclusion, maps are not as straightforward as they appear. They are not just tools for navigation or progress. They are instruments of control—military control, land control, surveillance, and cultural domination. It’s time for us to awaken and understand the truth about maps. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the video that inspired this article and learn more about the hidden agenda behind modern map-making.

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