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Elon Musk on DNA and The Law of Attraction

Illuminating Insights from Elon Musk

Elon Musk shared an intriguing viewpoint on the link between DNA and the Law of Attraction in a YouTube video, “You Can Easily Hack The Law Of Attraction.” Musk marvelously asserts that with synthetic RNA-DNA, akin to a computer program, we can potentially halt or reverse aging. Moreover, given the correct DNA sequence, he intriguingly suggests we could transform someone into a butterfly.

DNA – An Unprecedented Storage Medium

Musk’s claim is more than extraordinary; it signifies an emerging scientific crossroad where synthetic biology intersects with quantum physics. DNA is not just a blueprint for life but a storage device equivalent to digital hard drives. Amazingly, a single gram of DNA can store 700 terabytes of data, a tangible reality, not a metaphysical concept.

Living Archives of the Universe

Research by scientists like George Church and Chris Shuri demonstrates our capacity as living entities to store data equivalent to 13.5 billion years, roughly the universe’s age. They successfully downloaded an ebook onto DNA, later uploading it back to a server, solidifying the idea that we are essentially biological storage devices.

DNA: Transgenerational Epigenetic Memory Carrier

DNA also carries memories across generations. A groundbreaking discovery shows that epigenetic memories can persist across 14 generations, shaping our fears, phobias, and predispositions based on inherited encoded memories. This provides a new perspective on how inherited trauma and oppression can influence us.

The DNA-Law of Attraction Connection

DNA plays an integral role when we consider the Law of Attraction. The concept of a ‘download’ is more than a spiritual metaphor. Our DNA can send and receive signals wirelessly, functioning like an in-built Wi-Fi within us. By vibrating at particular frequencies, DNA can ‘download’ information from electromagnetic waves in the cosmos.

Universe – An Informational Matrix

Professor James S Gates Jr’s research on space and adinkra codes, a complex mathematical system mirroring traditional symbols of Mali’s Dogon tribe, strengthens the idea of the universe as an informational matrix. New thoughts can be ‘downloads’ from this universal matrix.

DNA as a Pathway to Empowerment

Understanding our inherent connection to the universe through our DNA can empower us to use the Law of Attraction better. As Musk suggests, we can, with the right effort, possibly ‘hack’ this law to our advantage.

Final Thoughts: An Active Role in the Universe

This synthesis of quantum mechanics, synthetic biology, and spirituality provides a new understanding of our role in the universe. We are participants, not mere spectators, carrying the imprint of universal data from the dawn of time. This knowledge can enhance our use of the Law of Attraction, recognizing it as an integral part of our existence.


I encourage you to watch the YouTube video, “You Can Easily Hack The Law Of Attraction”  for more in-depth.

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