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The Flat Earth Theory: North Pole and Antarctica’s Giant Ice Wall

The Flat Earth theory is a controversial belief that the Earth is not a globe but a flat plane. According to this theory, the North Pole is the center of the world, and all celestial bodies revolve around Polaris, the North Star. The Sun moves around the circumference of Earth every 24 hours, and there is no South Pole. Instead, Antarctica is a giant ice wall extending the circumference of Earth, holding in the oceans like a giant bowl. In this article, we will explore the Flat Earth model’s North Pole and the giant ice wall, and the evidence presented by Flat-Earthers to support their claims.

The North Pole: The Center of the World

Flat-Earthers believe that the North Pole is the immovable center of the world, and all directions are referenced to it. They argue that Polaris sits straight over the North Pole, and like a slowly rotating planetarium dome, circles the Earth once per day. In contrast, traditional models state that the Earth rotates on its axis, and the North Pole is simply one of the two points where the axis intersects the Earth’s surface.

The Sun’s Movement in the Flat Earth Model

Flat-Earthers believe that the Sun circles over and around the circumference of Earth every 24 hours, and its position changes throughout the year. During the March vernal equinox, the Sun is at the equator, up to the Tropic of Cancer during the June summer solstice, back down to the equator for the September autumnal equinox, and finally down to the Tropic of Capricorn during the December winter solstice. This model contradicts the traditional view of the Sun’s movements, which suggests that the Earth orbits the Sun and rotates on its axis.

The South Pole and the Giant Ice-Wall

Flat-Earthers argue that the South Pole does not exist, and instead, Antarctica is a massive ice wall that extends the circumference of Earth. They believe that this ice wall is what keeps the oceans in place and prevents them from flowing off the edge of the flat Earth. Any attempt to cross the ice wall is met with military resistance, according to Flat-Earthers.

Explaining the Ice-Wall

Flat-Earthers explain the existence of the ice wall by arguing that the governments of the world have conspired to keep this fact hidden to maintain the illusion of a globe Earth. They claim that the ice wall is an impenetrable barrier that no one has ever crossed, and any attempt to do so is met with military resistance. However, this claim has been debunked by scientific evidence and observations that show the Earth is a globe.

In Conclusion

While the Flat Earth theory is a controversial belief that is not supported by scientific evidence, exploring different perspectives and theories is always interesting. The North Pole’s immovable center and the giant ice wall surrounding Antarctica are two of the Flat Earth model’s essential elements. Whether or not you believe in the Flat Earth theory, it is always fascinating to consider different viewpoints and the evidence presented to support them.

We recommend watching the video “The Flat Earth Conspiracy Debate” to gain a better understanding of the Flat Earth theory and the arguments for and against it.

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