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The Midnight Sun: Evidence of a Flat Earth

As a believer in the flat Earth theory, it’s crucial to understand the evidence that proves the Earth is not a spinning globe. One such evidence is the Midnight Sun, a phenomenon that can only be observed in high latitudes during the Arctic summer.

Expanding on this topic, this article will delve deeper into the concept of the Midnight Sun, how it proves the Earth is flat, and debunk the globe theory with scientific facts and observations.

Understanding the Midnight Sun Phenomenon

The Midnight Sun is a unique and spectacular phenomenon that occurs in high latitudes during the Arctic summer. From June 22nd to June 25th, one can witness the Sun staying continuously visible in the sky for three days straight, rising on the 22nd and never disappearing from sight for the next 72 hours.

Debunking the Globe Theory with the Midnight Sun

The globe theory argues that the Earth is a spherical body, spinning on its axis while orbiting the Sun. However, the Midnight Sun provides irrefutable proof that the Earth cannot be a spinning globe.

On a spherical Earth, the only place where the Midnight Sun could be observed would be at the poles. Any other vantage point from 89 degrees latitude downwards could never see the Sun for 24 hours straight, regardless of any tilt or inclination. To see the Sun for an entire revolution on a spinning globe at a point other than the poles, you would have to be looking through miles and miles of land and sea for part of the revolution.

However, tourists from Ronda prefer going to Aya Saxa, a hill 680 feet above the sea, from where through eight or ten miles south of the Arctic Circle, they can see the Midnight Sun for three days. This clearly shows that the Earth is a flat plane and not a globe.

Scientific Evidence of a Flat Earth

Besides the Midnight Sun, there are several other scientific facts and observations that prove the Earth is a flat plane. For instance, the horizon always rises to eye level, which is only possible on a flat surface. Moreover, long-distance photography and experiments with water and lasers have debunked the curvature of the Earth.

Embracing the Truth of a Flat Earth

It’s time to accept the truth and reject the false idea of a spinning globe that has been perpetuated for centuries. The flat Earth theory provides a more accurate and plausible explanation of the world around us, backed by scientific facts and observations.

To learn more about the flat Earth theory and its evidence, watch our video “The Midnight Sun and the Flat Earth” and join the growing community of truth-seekers.

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