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Gerrard Hickson’s “Kings Dethroned”: A Flat Earth Audiobook

Eric Dubay Revives a Flat Earth Classic

Flat Earth enthusiasts have reason to celebrate, as Eric Dubay has added another gem to his collection of Flat Earth classics. Today, we’re delving into the 1922 book “Kings Dethroned” by Gerrard Hickson. Dubay has made this influential work available as both an audiobook and PDF download, making it a must-read for anyone interested in the Flat Earth theory.

Challenging the Globe Earth Model in “Kings Dethroned”

Hickson’s “Kings Dethroned” is a captivating book that questions the validity of the globe earth model. The author presents numerous arguments against the globe earth model, addressing topics such as Earth’s curvature, its movement, and the existence of gravity. Hickson even disputes Newton’s laws of motion and discusses how they have been misinterpreted.

Uncovering the Suppression of the Flat Earth Theory

One intriguing aspect of “Kings Dethroned” is its exploration of the history of science and the suppression of the Flat Earth theory by the scientific establishment. Hickson exposes the forces at play, working to conceal the truth about Earth’s shape from the public.

Rediscovering Flat Earth Knowledge through Eric Dubay’s Efforts

By making “Kings Dethroned” more accessible to a wider audience, Eric Dubay is doing a great service to the Flat Earth community. By studying the research and knowledge from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we can educate ourselves and others about Earth’s true shape. It is essential to continue spreading awareness and knowledge of the Flat Earth theory, allowing more people to discover the truth and understand Earth’s real shape.

Embrace the Truth with “Kings Dethroned” Audiobook and PDF Download

I highly recommend adding “Kings Dethroned” to your reading list and taking advantage of Eric Dubay’s audiobook and PDF download. Listen to the audiobook, watch the video, and delve into the fascinating world of alternative perspectives on our Earth’s shape. It’s time to embrace the truth and stand up to the establishment that has suppressed the Flat Earth theory for far too long.

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