The Crisis of Fertility Decline: If birth rates continue to plummet, human civilization will end.

At the 2023 Natal Conference, Kevin Dolan delivered a compelling presentation highlighting the looming crisis of declining birth rates and its potential impact on global civilization. Dolan’s speech, titled “If birth rates continue to plummet, human civilization will end,” serves as a clarion call to address this critical issue that could reshape the future of humanity.

The Impending Bottleneck of Global Decline

Dolan begins by framing the decline in birth rates as a critical bottleneck, one more severe than historical crises such as the Black Death. The core question he poses is whether current and future generations will choose or be able to have children. This concern transcends personal choice and touches upon worldwide economic, social, and political systems.

Economic Implications of a Shrinking Population

The speaker vividly describes how the foundations of our global economy—leveraged on assumptions of continuous growth—are threatened by population decline. In developed and developing nations alike, shrinking populations may lead to a destabilization of financial systems, likened to an “everything bubble” that includes housing markets, equity markets, and governmental fiscal stability.

Social and Cultural Impact

Dolan paints a grim picture of the future, drawing parallels with current demographic trends in countries like Japan and South Korea. These nations exemplify the social changes resulting from low fertility rates, such as increased work hours, diminished wages, and urban depopulation. The potential for a similar decline in other regions, including major economies like China, Brazil, and Russia, could lead to severe humanitarian and political crises.

Personal and Emotional Dimensions

One of the most powerful aspects of Dolan’s presentation is his discussion of the personal and emotional impacts of fertility decline. He reflects on the profound psychological toll that societal pressures and economic hardships can have on individuals’ decisions and abilities to start families. Dolan’s narrative about his children and aspirations for their future adds a poignant touch, emphasizing that the desire for a family is not merely an economic or social issue but a deeply rooted human drive.

Solutions and Call to Action

Throughout his talk, Dolan advocates for a proactive approach to this crisis. He highlights the need for innovative solutions across various fields, including economics, demography, public policy, and more. His call to action is not just for policymakers and experts but for everyone, as the declining fertility rate is a universal issue that requires broad-based action and cooperation.


Kevin Dolan’s speech at the 2023 Natal Conference is a comprehensive and urgent presentation of the challenges posed by declining fertility rates. It serves as a reminder that this issue is not only about the number of children being born but about the sustainability of our economic systems, the stability of our societies, and the psychological well-being of individuals. It urges us to consider how we can create a world where starting a family is a viable and fulfilling option for more people.

Dolan’s closing remarks underscore the beauty of life and the importance of ensuring that future generations can experience the joys and challenges of raising a family. His speech is a compelling appeal to recognize and address one of the most pressing challenges of our time, making it clear that the time to act is now.

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