The Matrix

The Deception of Birth Certificates

In the vast cosmic dance of life, where energies intertwine and destinies are shaped, there lies a profound truth that has been obscured from the majority of humanity. This truth, deeply spiritual and transformative, has been hidden beneath layers of deception, manipulation, and control. The video on birth certificates, the straw man theory, and the alleged enslavement by a system controlled by powerful entities, sheds light on this very deception.

The Illusion of the Material World

At the core of our existence, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Yet, the material world, with its intricate web of illusions, often blinds us to our true nature. The video delves deep into one such illusion: the concept of birth certificates and the legal system that binds us to an artificial identity. This identity, represented by a piece of paper, becomes a shackle, disconnecting us from our spiritual essence and trapping us in a cycle of subservience.

The Dual Laws: Water and Land

The universe operates on duality: light and dark, yin and yang, water and land. The video introduces us to the two types of laws that govern our world: the law of water (Admiralty law) and the law of the land. Intriguingly, money, which drives the material world, is likened to water. Terms like ‘liquidity’, ‘current’, and ‘banks’ are not mere coincidences; they are symbolic of the flow of energy and power. By understanding this duality, we begin to see the subtle ways in which we are controlled and steered away from our spiritual path.

The Gregorian Deception

Time, in its truest sense, is eternal and cyclical. Yet, the Gregorian calendar, introduced by Pope Gregory in 1582, linearized this cyclical nature. This wasn’t just a shift in how we track days and months; it was a deeper, more insidious attempt to disconnect us from the natural rhythms of the universe. By being born under this timeline, we unknowingly subject ourselves to an external authority, distancing ourselves from our spiritual sovereignty.

The Afterbirth: A Symbolic Enslavement

One of the most profound revelations in the video is the concept of the afterbirth. When a child is born, the afterbirth, which carries the same DNA, is discarded and claimed by the state. This act is symbolic of how our spiritual essence is discarded, and an artificial identity, represented by the birth certificate, is superimposed upon us. This artificial identity, or the straw man, becomes the entity that is subjected to the laws and controls of the material world, while our true self remains obscured.

Transcending the Matrix

The video warns of the impending age of transhumanism, where technology seeks to merge with our very essence. This isn’t just about convenience or progress; it’s a deeper agenda to further disconnect us from our spiritual nature. The progression from handheld devices to wearable technology, and eventually to implants, is a journey away from our spiritual core.

However, as spiritual awakeners, we possess the power to transcend this matrix. By recognizing the deceptions, by questioning the narratives, and by reconnecting with our spiritual essence, we can break free from these shackles.

The Role of Secret Societies

The mention of Freemasonry in the video is a reminder that there are forces and entities that possess knowledge about the true nature of existence. These secret societies, armed with esoteric wisdom, have the tools to shape the world. But knowledge, in itself, is neutral. It’s the intent behind its use that determines its impact. As spiritual beings, it’s our duty to seek this knowledge, not to control, but to liberate.

In Conclusion

The journey of spiritual awakening is a path of constant discovery, introspection, and transcendence. The video serves as a beacon, illuminating the deceptions that have kept us chained. But with awareness comes responsibility. It’s up to each one of us to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, to see beyond the illusions, and to chart a path towards true freedom. In this cosmic dance, let’s not be mere puppets; let’s be the dancers, moving in harmony with the universe, and celebrating the divine essence that resides within us all.

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