Lost History

Revealing Pre-Flood History: Mysteries Before the Great Pyramid

Introduction to Pre-Flood History Mysteries

Unveiling the obscured past and questioning the narratives endorsed by mainstream historians is crucial for truth seekers, particularly those intrigued by alternative Earth histories like flat earth theory. The video “Before the Pyramid: 800 Years PreFlood History up to Vanishing of Enoch” offers an extraordinary window into the eight centuries during the Vapor Canopy era, a period shrouded in mystery and rich with historical complexities.

A Comprehensive Overview of a Fascinating Epoch

The video meticulously examines the epoch leading up to the construction of the Great Pyramid complex. It corrects widespread misconceptions about the timekeeping systems of the era and highlights the emergence of a matriarchal adversary against the Anunna, providing a narrative that diverges markedly from conventional historical accounts.

The Disappearance of Enoch

The enigma of Enoch’s disappearance is a focal point of the video. It posits that Enoch’s unexplained vanishing coincided with the commencement of the Great Pyramid’s construction, hinting at a possible connection between these two pivotal events. This segment invites viewers to ponder the implications of Enoch’s disappearance in the broader context of ancient engineering and celestial alignments.

Calendars in Use During the Pre-Flood Era

Exploring various ancient calendars, the video details their use, particularly the Mayan calendar, which was intricately linked to the cycles of Venus. These calendars were not merely tools for tracking time but were deeply entwined with the prediction of significant celestial events, such as eclipses, showcasing the ancients’ sophisticated understanding of astronomy.

Synchronizing Calendars

The synchronization of these ancient calendars illustrates the remarkable precision with which these civilizations understood and manipulated celestial mechanics. This part of the video underscores the advanced scientific knowledge possessed by pre-flood societies, challenging the modern perception of ancient civilizations’ technological capabilities.

The Matriarchal Adversary Against the Anunna

An intriguing aspect of the video is its exploration of a matriarchal adversary rising against the Anunna. Led by a formidable woman who allegedly utilized the power of the Vapor Canopy, this narrative suggests a society where female figures held significant power, influencing both religious and sociopolitical structures.

Goddesses in Ancient Cultures

Supporting the theory of matriarchal dominance, the prevalence of goddesses as primary deities in many ancient cultures is discussed. This prominence of female power and influence during the pre-flood era adds a rich layer of complexity to our understanding of gender roles and religious worship in ancient times.

Challenging Mainstream Historical Assumptions

“Before the Pyramid: 800 Years PreFlood History up to Vanishing of Enoch” is more than a documentary; it is a critical tool for those who wish to explore the depths of human history from an unorthodox perspective. It challenges the established historical narratives and invites a reevaluation of what we think we know about the past.

The Role of Truth Seekers

As a flat-earth blogger and truth seeker, I must explore these enigmas, to peel back the layers of conventional history, and reveal the truths hidden beneath. This exploration is not just about contradicting mainstream views but about expanding our understanding of human history by considering every possible narrative, especially those sidelined by mainstream scholarship.


This analysis of the fascinating pre-flood history leading up to the construction of the Great Pyramid and the mysterious disappearance of Enoch is a call to question, explore, and rethink. By challenging established historical assumptions and delving into lesser-known aspects of this era, we not only uncover the mysteries of our past but also learn how they might shape our understanding of history and our place within it.

In seeking the truth about our past, we are reminded of the complexity of human history and the necessity of maintaining an open mind. As we continue to uncover more about the pre-flood era, we must remain vigilant in our examination of the evidence, always ready to revise our understanding in the light of new findings. This journey through the mists of time is not just about uncovering facts; it is about reconstructing our understanding of the world and our ancestors’ place within it.

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