Lost History

Gospel of Thomas & Spiritual Illumination

Discovering the Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas, a hidden manuscript containing Jesus’ teachings on manifesting desires through the Law of Attraction, was excluded from the official Bible and forgotten for centuries. In 1945, a copy of this mysterious text was discovered, revealing a system of spiritual illumination that could free human souls from the illusions of material reality and connect them with the higher dimensional power responsible for all existence.

The Power of Coherence between Brain and Heart

At the core of the Gospel of Thomas’ teachings is the concept of bringing the brain and heart into coherence. By aligning thoughts and emotions, practitioners can manifest their desires and bring their chosen reality into being. This process involves believing in the unseen and dwelling securely in the faith that the desired goal is already fulfilled in eternity.

The Kingdom Within and Without

The Gospel of Thomas emphasizes that the kingdom is both inside and outside of oneself. By achieving harmony between thoughts and emotions, practitioners can tap into the eternal source of creation and unlock their true potential.

Gnostic Wisdom and Spiritual Illumination

The system preserved by the gnostics provides a path to spiritual illumination and a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction. By applying the teachings found in the Gospel of Thomas, practitioners can learn to manifest their desires and experience a profound connection with the higher dimensions of existence.

The Gospel of Thomas in Modern Times

The rediscovery of the Gospel of Thomas has sparked renewed interest in the teachings of Jesus and the potential for spiritual growth through the practice of coherence between brain and heart. By exploring this ancient wisdom, modern seekers can unlock the power of spiritual illumination and transform their lives.


The Gospel of Thomas offers a unique perspective on the teachings of Jesus and the Law of Attraction. By aligning thoughts and emotions and connecting with the eternal source of creation, practitioners can manifest their desires and experience spiritual illumination. Delving into this hidden manuscript can provide valuable insights for those seeking to unlock their true potential.

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